Welcome to my wonderfully wicked epic fantasy worlds!

Hi, and thank you for stopping by!

This blog marks the start of my further publishing adventures with the World of Khymeera stories I am creating. I know I enjoy interacting with my favorite authors, and I want to give readers the same opportunity with me. So this is the place to find all the latest information on my books, tidbits about my personal life, behind-the-scene peeks at current projects, and occasional previews of future works, including top secret art and other exciting stuff. You can write and ask questions about my stories, and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

But I also want to give you, my fans (and aspiring authors), something more. Creating thrilling fantasy erotica is a journey I would like to share as much as possible. I plan to talk a lot about the art and craft of writing, as well as the business of publishing, and I’ll post my insights along the way. I have benefited greatly from the wisdom and experience of other authors, so I hope to pay it forward by contributing to the knowledge base of helpful articles.

Finally, this is a place where I can chill and be me, and we can hang out together without judgement. The World of Khymeera stories are set in a pansexual wonderland where people of all genders love and interact without censure or inhibition. Without fear. I am a totally kinky, openminded kitty, so you can expect my tales to reflect this. I hope Khymeera is a place where my readers can imagine themselves having plenty of naughty adventures, while expressing their sexuality however they wish. It’s absolutely where I reside in my imagination!

Until the next post, xoxo Jo

UPDATE: I am now offering editorial services! If you have ever read any of my stories, you will know they are edited and formatted to the highest standard. Now I would like to help make YOUR books shine on Amazon KDP. To check out my range of services, go HERE and let this kitty whip your manuscript into shape!

Kock Rider of Khymeera
Sukkubus of Khymeera
Khymeera Kollection #1

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