Are you Dying to Get Laid?

Fans of Mason Richter’s paranormal/sci-fi/supernatural adventure/romance story Dying to Get Laid! are in for a treat, as the next thrilling installment in the Death Harem Chronicles will debut next week!

Unfortunately I had to put this series on the back burner while I finished Sukkubus of Khymeera, but I already have Kayden Karson’s story mapped out, and I can’t wait to resume it. As I publish other tales in other genres, you can expect a new Death Harem story every month, concluding with Episode 13 in about a year. After that, I’ll collect them into a 130,000 word anthology, and that will mark the end of that particular series.

So buckle up and hold on to your ectoplasm cannons, and get ready for a wild ride across the Empyrean Realms, as Kayden hunts down his ex-girlfriends in the afterlife and tries to figure out who killed Death . . . before the Angelic authorities catch up with him and banish him to Hell forever!

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