The Kock Rider of Khymeera Audiobook is LIVE!

Pop the cork on the champagne and let’s celebrate, because my FIRST audiobook is NOW AVAILABLE!

I’m soooooo excited fans of Kock Rider will now be able to listen to Karli Talbo’s epic story and hear it told the way I imagine. My narrator Concha di Pastoro has done a MARVELOUS job of bringing my tale to life, and I’m thrilled she has signed on for the sequel, Sukkubus of Khymeera. Which brings me to my next exciting announcement . . .

Sukkubus of Khymeera and The First Khymeera Kollection will be audiobooks too!!! Yay! They are in production now, and soon you will be able to hear ALL of my Khymeera novels and novellas on audiobook . . . plus the third print novel will be out sometime around August. This marks an exciting development as I expand my reach through iTunes, Amazon, Audible, and everywhere else audiobooks are sold.

So buckle up and grab your Kock, and let your imagination take flight HERE!

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