Back in the Saddle

Hello, my friends, it’s been a while!

Forgive my brief hiatus, but I’m back and raring to go, with a whole heap of new Khymeera titles on the way, starting with a 50,000 word series called “Tales from Old Khymeera” which predates the Karli Talbo “Kock Rider” novels.

If you like your romance steamy, your relationships gender-diverse, and your fantasy and sci-fi seat-of-the-pants thrilling, then get ready for one wild ride!

I’ve missed you all, and in these unsettled times my heart goes out to everyone in strife. I hope, in my own small, way, that I can bring some joy and fun into the world with my stories, and demonstrate that we all need to love without fear.

Take care of yourself, look after your family and neighbors, and remember that we are all one race, all one planet, and ultimately all one soul.

xx Jo

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