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Let this kitty whip your book into shape!

One of the things I love most is discovering an exciting, well-written story on Amazon. It’s an amazing platform for self-published authors, and the way it has allowed unknown writers with talent to reach new audiences has been a game changer for the publishing industry.

But sadly, many aspiring authors’ beautiful words are let down by poor editing and formatting for Kindle. You know what I mean? Sometimes I find something that looks interesting, but honestly, I’ll pass on buying it because the preview is chock full of spelling mistakes or poor punctuation. I know if I’m distracted by those things in the first few minutes, they will drive me crazy over an hour or two!

FACT: Professional-looking books sell more than amateurish titles!

So what can an aspiring author do to boost their sales and improve their credibility? Why, hire an editor, of course! And if they’re smart, one with years of proofreading experience and a passion for helping other writers; one who has learned the ins and outs of publishing on Amazon by doing it successfully herself, with multiple titles; and one who loves polishing lackluster stories until the diamond inside shines bright.

In short, ME.

That’s why I’m now pleased to offer my editorial services through Fiverr, so I can share my knowledge and experience, and ensure your next title hits the market looking the best it can. My rates are reasonable, my turnaround is quick, and if you hire Joanna Noor to copyedit your book, you can believe it will look every bit as good as one of her titles.

To check out my services go HERE and see what I can do for you today!