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Down and dirty fun in the old Wild West!

Happy New Year friends!

Although I’ve been quiet for a little while, I’ve still been busy. And while I work on the next thrilling Khymeera novel (Pu’ussy Lord of Khymeera) I’m also launching three new erotica series based on Western, Smutpunk, and Sci-fi themes.

So here it is, the first story in my good friend Dane Colby’s (wink, wink) Gutter Gulch series, HAMMERED BY THE BLACKSMITH. You can order it on Amazon at this link.

And here’s a brief description:

Saddle up and hold on to your hats—it’s time for some wild fun in the old wild west!

When shy, bookish schoolteacher Jacob Riley’s wagon breaks down en route to a new job out west, he and his pretty young fiancée Bonnie are stranded in the dusty, rough-and-tumble mining town of Gutter Gulch, where they hope to find help. If Jacob doesn’t get to Salt Springs quickly, his position will be gone and the happy future they planned in California will vanish like a mirage.

Soon they find themselves in the steamy workshop of hunky, sweaty blacksmith Beauden Blackhart, where they learn their wagon repairs will cost more than a country teacher earns in a year. They telegraph Bonnie’s father to send money, but when the mail coach is delayed by bandits, they have no choice except to throw themselves upon the mercy of the blacksmith.

But, like all things, mercy has a price in the wild American west. And it appears Beauden Blackhart’s favored payment is a night with the virginal Bonnie . . . along with her groom-to-be.With so much at stake for Jacob and Bonnie, one thing is for certain: desperate times call for desperate measures, and sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

Enjoy! And as always, stay naughty . . .